Workshops & Training

Mindfulness is, quite simply, a game changer.

Accessible to everyone, its proven benefits include stress reduction; increased productivity, creativity and resilience; improved physical and emotional well being; decreased anxiety and depression; and an overall heightened appreciation for life. Across the globe, governments, corporations, hospitals, non profits and individuals are adopting mindfulness based practices. These can range from basic active listening and team building exercises to specific breath practices to a multitude of meditation techniques.

Rosemary has trained in Mindfulness for over 20 years. She has studied Vipassana Meditation at Spirit Rock Center and Zen Meditation at Tassajara Retreat Center. Her yoga practice has long included breath work and meditation, which she views as the essential core of the teachings. She is in an ongoing training with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, two of our leading Mindfulness Teachers.

Rosemary brings a multitude of offerings to the Corporate & Nonprofit Work Space, as well as individual groups and organizations. Covering the spectrum from Offsite Retreats to a basic Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop, she can tailor her teachings to the specific needs and interests of each culture. Her extensive training, decades of experience and innately compassionate nature lead to a profound experience in Mindfulness.


“Rosemary created a bespoke mindfulness workshop for the Smartsheet team, one that is rooted in education, accessible to people new to mindfulness, and engaging for those who have a current practice. She delivers these workshops in our offices, inviting small groups of employees to learn, connect, and practice together in a safe and welcoming space. Rosemary is the best kind of teacher, one that offers her vast expertise while meeting people where they are with care and humility. With her guidance, we are continuing to promote and support mindfulness, and have launched a resource center and weekly practice sessions. We could not be happier, and look forward to continuing to work with Rosemary on our employee wellness programs.”
–Kara Hamilton, Chief People & Culture Officer, Smartsheet