Esalen Retreat

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August 18th - 20th, 2023 and October 23rd-27th 2023


Esalen Retreat Center
Big Sur, CA


All registrations for this retreat are done directly by contacting Esalen. Registration will open soon.


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The Vitality of Mind & Body | October 23rd - 27th, 2023
Yoga, Zen Meditation & Inquiry

The Heart of Yoga, Insight & Zen | August 18th - 20th, 2023
Cultivating the heart in contemporary times
Yoga Meditation Inquiry

Yoga invites us into our bodies, meditation stabilizes and opens the mind, and inquiry offers a gateway to deeper understanding. This retreat will offer an opportunity to harness the power of these practices to step into the fullness of our hearts and lives. Mornings will open with guided meditation, then a dynamic vinyasa flow practice focused on the heart. Following a break after breakfast, Rosemary & Simon will lead the group in inquiry- a practice of heart centered self discovery in which participants will be invited to explore their inner experience through insightful questions both alone and in pairs. The afternoon practice will incorporate restorative yoga and meditation, allowing a deeper integration of the day’s insights.

These retreats will be co-led with Simon Moyes. Simon is a certified Zen teacher in the Soto Zen Lineage of Suzuki Roshi and was a Zen monk for 5 years. His passion is bringing the wisdom of the Zen tradition into our contemporary culture through mindfulness and emotional intelligence. He has worked with Google and the United Nations and is a lead teacher and curriculum designer at the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. Simon is also a long term student in the Diamond Approach, and was first introduced to yoga when he was practicing meditation in India 25 years ago. When not teaching he can be found tending to his bees and doing contemporary dance.