Practice with Rosemary

Mindfulness Trainings

Rosemary brings a multitude of offerings to the Corporate Work Space. Covering the spectrum from Offsite Retreats to a basic Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop, she can work with the specific needs and interests of each corporate culture. Her extensive training, decades of experience and innately compassionate nature lead to a profound experience in Mindfulness.

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Private Yoga

In addition to teaching her studio yoga classes, Rosemary travels throughout California to teach private yoga. Rosemary’s private yoga can be used to deepen an existing yoga practice or for re-introduction to the practice after a long time away; students also start private sessions for injury rehabilitation, for the privacy that individual practice can afford, and for increased scheduling flexibility.

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Corporate & Office Yoga

Corporate yoga is a great way to support employee health and wellbeing, as well as to provide a community experience based on breath and movement – an environment which can serve to strengthen the relationships between co-workers beyond the meetings, numbers, and deadlines. Yoga mats can be provided for corporate and private yoga sessions upon request.

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Studio Yoga Classes

8am / via ZOOM (venmo donations: @RosemaryGarrison)
8am / via ZOOM (venmo donations: @RosemaryGarrison)

9:00 - 10:15am / THE PAD STUDIOS


Yoga Retreats & Trainings

A Yoga Retreat is unlike any other vacation we give ourselves. It is designed to support our bodies, of course... but at its best, it also helps to restore our souls. We can let down the constant doing, tending, taking care of that dominates our day to day lives. We can release the pressures of work and family and navigating the world. We can begin to turn inward and take care of ourselves.