Tassajara Retreat

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Summer, 2025


Tassajara Zen Mountain Center
Carmel Valley, CA


All registrations for this retreat are done directly by contacting Tassajara. Registration with Tassajara opens on March 2025.


Feel free to send a message to Rosemary or connect via email: info@rosemarygarrison.com.

Energy & Inquiry: The Merging Paths of Zen and Yoga

Tassajara Zen Center will be closed for the summer of 2024. Registration for 2025 will open on March 15th, 2025. We look forward to welcoming you back to retreat then.

Vinyasa Yoga and Soto Zen explore the cultivation of energy and emphasize self-inquiry and awareness of breath as a means of accessing internal layers of consciousness, vitality, and peace. Participants can expect daily flow and restorative yoga, meditation instruction and exploration of Zen teachings, and one-on-one time with instructors by request. Come “as is” and expect to return enlivened, grounded, replenished, and supported with the tools to nourish your practice and being.


- Radhe L.

“Relevant, timely, appreciated… Intentional.”
- Brandi A.

"Between the sacred lands of Tassajara and the angelic nature of Rosemary, there is a gateway created on this retreat to access whatever it is that you'll benefit from receiving. What an opening. Grateful to have experienced this and look forward to returning."
- Guryan

"Being with Rosemary at Tassajara is a welcome respite from everyday life - a much needed moment of pause. She warmly invites all in and creates a sacred space for each person on their yoga journey. Rosemary is a gifted yoga instructor whose expertise and heart make the experience magic.
I look forward to this retreat each year!"

"Retreating to Tassajara with Rosemary was very special. In a breathtakingly beautiful setting, she created the perfect mix of movement and stillness, gentleness and intensity, introspection and playfulness. I can't wait to return."
- Graham

“Excellent! Rosemary taught us very well. She is both knowledgeable and nurturing.”
-Jackie N.