200 Hour Teacher Training

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August 8th to November 24th, 2019


For more information and to register: visit the Pad Studios website.


Feel free to send a message to Rosemary or connect by phone at 415-723-9700.

Designed for those who are curious about or ready to begin teaching, as well as students hungry to expand their practice, this training will answer the call. We launch our immersion at The Farm, Grand Island to build our sangha in the powerful environs of a retreat setting. We then continue over the course of five non-consecutive weekends at The Pad Studios in San Francisco. This structure will allow for intensive study combined with space for integration. Rosemary Garrison, student and teacher of yoga for over 20 years, will be joined by and all star team of Pad instructors. Together, they will guide the practitioner through a comprehensive, expansive, joyous exploration of the world of Yoga.

Join us to deepen your practice, clear your mind, open your heart, lift your resonance...and shine.

We will explore the following:
*Yoga Philosophy ~ how it relates to our lives now
*Pranayama & Meditation ~ the dance of the breath and the mind
*Asana & Alignment ~ how to wisely and safely embody and instruct postures
*Adjusting ~ how to wisely and safely adjust students during a flow practice
*Anatomy ~ its elegant, fundamental connection with the asana practice
*Energetic Anatomy ~ the infinite realm of the subtle body (chakras, vayus, bandhas…)
*Sequencing ~ the design of an intelligent flow class
*Bhakti Yoga ~ the sweet heart of the practice
*The Art of Teaching ~ the grace of creating and holding space
*The Business of Yoga ~ building a sustainable lifestyle as a teacher
*Teaching Yoga ~ ample time and space to practice teaching