200 Hour Teacher Training

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August 22nd - November 10th. 2024


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Feel free to send a message to Rosemary or connect via email: info@rosemarygarrison.com.

Designed for those who are curious about or ready to begin teaching, as well as students hungry to expand their practice, this training will answer the call. We launch our immersion at The Farm, Grand Island to build our sangha in the powerful environs of a retreat setting. We then continue over the course of five non-consecutive weekends at The Pad Studios in San Francisco. This structure will allow for intensive study combined with space for integration. Rosemary Garrison, student and teacher of yoga for over 20 years, will be joined by and all star team of Pad instructors. Together, they will guide the practitioner through a comprehensive, expansive, joyous exploration of the world of Yoga.

Join us to deepen your practice, clear your mind, open your heart, lift your resonance...and shine.

We will explore the following:
*Yoga Philosophy ~ how it relates to our lives now
*Pranayama & Meditation ~ the dance of the breath and the mind
*Asana & Alignment ~ how to wisely and safely embody and instruct postures
*Adjusting ~ how to wisely and safely adjust students during a flow practice
*Anatomy ~ its elegant, fundamental connection with the asana practice
*Energetic Anatomy ~ the infinite realm of the subtle body (chakras, vayus, bandhas…)
*Sequencing ~ the design of an intelligent flow class
*Bhakti Yoga ~ the sweet heart of the practice
*The Art of Teaching ~ the grace of creating and holding space
*The Business of Yoga ~ building a sustainable lifestyle as a teacher
*Teaching Yoga ~ ample time and space to practice teaching


“Rosemary’s YTT program is comprehensive, beautifully crafted, and led with great passion. I chose to complete YTT with Rosemary and The Pad instructors because of the variety of subjects the curriculum offered. I wanted to sample a little information about yoga’s big topics, and I am confident this knowledge will serve as a solid foundation to guide my initial adventures in teaching. Most importantly, I can lead yoga classes confidently and can tailor a class depending on a student’s experience level, injuries, etc. I recommend this training to anyone looking to deepen their practice and enrich their life. Thank you Rosemary and team for this life changing experience!”
- Julia Hicks

"The Pad and Rosemary’s teacher training was one of the richest and memorable journey’s I have embarked on. I learned more than I ever expected and did so with the most wonderful and kind group the Bay Area has. Each weekend with the teachers and fellow students left me so inspired by this practice, and always reminded me of why I chose to start the teacher training journey in the first place.
I work a full time job and it was certainly manageable and honestly made me even more productive at work through all of our meditation, weekly assignment, and mindfulness practices.
I highly recommend this training to anyone who is considering deepening their practice and/or wanting to spread their passion for this practice to others."
- Tatum Roessler

"Wow! The 200 hour training at the Pad was an absolutely transformative experience for me. I came into the training hoping to deepen my personal practice and spiritual development, unsure of whether I would eventually want to teach or not, and walked out enamored and wanting to share these magnificent teachings with others. Rosemary and the other teachers in the training provide such a strong grounding in the practice of yoga — in terms of the physical asanas (alignment, sequencing, etc.), as well as the ancient philosophy and its integration into everyday life. I felt completely supported throughout the training by both the teachers and the community, and have so much gratitude for the Pad, all the teachers from the training, and the gift of the teachings. I would recommend it without reservations <3"
- Emma Peck

“Rosemary teaches with heart, soul and incredible attention to detail. Her rigorous teacher training leads students on a transformative journey of not only asanas, but also history, philosophy and self-discovery. Rosemary's teacher training led me not only to a different path in life, but a different plane altogether.”
- Lisa Davie