Awakening Sundays

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First Sunday of the month, January - June, 2024 9:30am-1:30pm. (Please note, April will be the 2nd Sunday.) Participants are welcome for one or all of these workshops. When registering, please specify which you would like to attend. January 7th/ February 4th/ March 3rd/ April 14th/ May 5th/ June 2nd


Awakening Sundays
West Marin, Ca


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$60- 100 Individual Session
$350- $550 Full Series


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The freedom to express ourselves is a glorious thing. Many of us grapple with this. Whether we feel it professionally (perhaps as a yoga teacher, facilitator or leader), in intimate relationship (where it can be particularly vulnerable), creatively (whether you are an artist or not), with our families or in the world (when our views may be different than others) and even within ourselves (where critical mind can be an oppressive force)- we often meet with resistance to our full and free expression. In these workshops, we will explore what inhibits that expression and how to unearth the obstacles. We will also play with the expression itself- in wild and wonderful ways!

We will use the practices of Yoga, Meditation and Inquiry, as well as some creative play to support the unravelling of what blocks our innate lifeforce... in service of liberating free and full expression. Join us!

The morning will begin with a vinyasa flow practice, followed by meditation including instruction and guidance. From there, we'll move into a teaching where we will introduce a topic and then develop it through the practice of inquiry - a partner-based exercise aimed at self-exploration and illumination. To close, we will allow space for questions and reflections followed by a gentle restorative yoga practice to assist with integration.

These workshops are designed to create a space for deepening practice along with the cultivation of sangha (community). This is an opportunity to come together with other practitioners, to establish a strong, steady, well-resourced field of support- which the Buddhists refer to as the "third jewel," sangha. It is a space to take our practice deeper, beyond the mat, into the realms of philosophy & psychology, energetics, self-study (svadhyaya) and ultimately... awakening.

Rosemary will be joined by Simon Moyes for these workshops. Simon is a certified Zen teacher in the Soto Zen Lineage of Suzuki Roshi and was a Zen monk for 5 years. His passion is bringing the wisdom of the Zen tradition into our contemporary culture through mindfulness and emotional intelligence. He has worked with Google and the United Nations and is a lead teacher and curriculum designer at the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. Simon is also a long term student in the Diamond Approach, and was first introduced to yoga when he was practicing meditation in India 25 years ago. When not teaching he can be found tending to his bees and doing contemporary dance.


Rosemary's calm and unconditionally loving presence is a gift to be around and learn from. Simon's playful and sincere disposition is also such a gift to be around and learn from. Together, they connect the teachings of yoga, meditation, and what it means to be a human being in such a way that is digestible, inspirational, and deeply impactful no matter where you are in your journey.
- Emily L.


Rosemary and Simon - the dynamic duo, the dream team! Rosemary and Simon’s innate skill sets perfectly complement one another. Their collaborative approach targets the student's body, mind and spirit to cultivate life changing transformations. Both bring years of education, svadhyaya and expertise into their teachings, which encourages and empowers students to explore well beyond their existing knowledge base - transforming body, mind and spirit. They quite literally changed my life - in the most positive of ways.
- Hayley E.


What a great workshop: yoga to open the body, and move energy, meditation to connect further into the stillness and invite deeper process, and group work to explore ourselves with the support of others in a loving and caring community - not to mention a rare chance to work with two masters at the top of their game!  It was a profoundly deep and transformative experience with absolutely no pretension and the lightest, most human touch. Thank you!
- Jason R. 

What a beautiful woodsy setting, and such a warm and inviting practice space!  Rosemary and Simon led the postures, discussions and partnering exercises seamlessly and at a comfortable pace, with plenty of moments for introspection or community. Although each workshop is one successive topic in the series, Rosemary and Simon provided plenty of context so the group could easily put the day's discussion into the broader picture. So happy to be part of this community, to have left with a few more tools for self-understanding, and to have shared in the great energy of this sacred space that Rosemary and Simon have created.  Namaste!
- Jeff R.